Leadership Training Workshops

Leadership training widens thinking abilities to help leaders think in innovative and creative ways. Leadership training can teach your team leaders the skills they need to lead effectively.

Giving and Receiving Feedback:

This training aims to teach participants how to create a feedback environment within their teams, where giving feedback is used as a learning tool that will help maximise the potential of each team member. 

Creating a Productivity Habitat:

This interactive training aims to teach team leaders how to create an innovative and highly productive environment within their teams. Properly monitor performance, improve communication and avoid the natural formation of silos.

Motivate Teams to Success:

Engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation. Motivating and inspiring others is an essential ingredient of engaging leadership. This practical workshop provides new insights into fulfilling the potential of teams. 

Situational Leadership:

In this session team leaders will learn to define the different needs of the team as well as the skills needed to adapt their leadership style accordingly. They will also learn the tools to enable others to grow through coaching, empowering and delegating.

And more...

We are an experienced group of coaches and trainers who can work with you to design leadership workshops to cater to your particular needs.